Gas valves

Safety shut-off valve

Type 53 N/H
Operating range:
(overpressure) (insufficient pressure)
Min. pressure difference:
Temperature range:

0.03 bar - 7.0 bar
0.007 bar - 1.5 bar
20 mbar
-15 °C to +60 °C
according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
and DIN EN 14382


The safety shut-off valve Type 53 N/H has the task of protecting downstream valves, e.g. in gas pressure regulation systems,
against inadmissible overpressure and/or lack of pressure. It can be used for all gases according to DVGW work sheet G260.


High response accuracy, short response time

Optional connection

• DN 80 to DN 500
• connections according to customer requirement (ANSI and special flanges also possible)

Position indicator and electrical remote tripping possible by simple retrofitting.
Appropriate special designs are available for other gases.
Also possible as combination with gas pressure regulator Type 132. Installation length can be adapted to the local conditions.