Gas valves

Vacuum regulator

Type 86
Nominal diameters:
Operating range:
Max. inlet pressure:
Min. pressure difference:
Temperature range:
DN 150 - DN 200
0.05 bar - 1.0 bar
up to 1.0 bar
20 mbar
-15 °C to +60 °C


Type 86 excess pressure regulators ensure that suction pressure does not drop, i.e. they open if pressure drops below a specified level to protect tanks or compressors against overload. The Type 86 excess pressure regulator is mainly used in pneumatic systems.

Optional connection

• DN 150 or DN 200, other nominal diameters on request
• connections according to customer requirement (ANSI and special flanges also possible)

Other gases on request if required. Installation height can be adapted to the local conditions.