Gas valves

Excess pressure regulator

Type 92 - 99
Operating range:
Max. inlet pressure:
Min. pressure difference:
Temperature range:

0.01 bar - 30 bar
up to 30 bar
20 mbar
-15 °C to +180 °C
(up to 250 °C H version)
according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, EN 334


Excess pressure regulators regulate a system pressure such as a compression pressure, a suction pressure or also a differential pressure against being exceeded or undercut. The type designation 92 – 99 identifies the respective protection variant.
It is suitable for use with all gases according to DVGW work sheet G260.


Automatic inlet pressure, holding pressure and differential pressure protection using auxiliary energy from the inlet pressure.

Optional connection

• DN 50 to DN 500, larger nominal diameters on request
• connections according to customer requirement (ANSI and special flanges also possible)

For other gases, particularly aggressive ones, units with suitable materials and special fittings or with vent silencer for reduction of the flow-generated noise (damping approx. 10-20 dB) are available. Installation length can be adapted to the local conditions. Angle design E; straight-through and special designs after consultation.